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Absolutely loved it! Just the right amount of challenging AND fun! This should be a full game, honestly! Maybe with multiple levels and things. :) It was the first game I tried out in this compilation: Of course, I didn't make it very far, but it was incredibly fun to try out! If you're wondering if it's worth your time, DEFINITELY!!

Based linux port

hey has anyone officially uploaded a speedrun of upworm i looked on and youtube and couldnt find anything

This is shockingly tough. A good challenge for anyone with the patience and skills, which is not necessarily me haha

I'm struggling a little to understand the controls, I would think that you just have control of both ends, eezy peezy. If I hook one end, I feel I can use it to hold myself while swinging up my backside. For some reason I can't? It's like I only have the strength to move one end at a time, which I'm guessing might be a choice to increase the difficulty. 

It doesn't necessarily seem bad, just tough. I'm slowly getting the mechanic and had a few good runs, made it to the final statue to the left before moving up to the next level. 

Might give this a few more tries, see if I can get a handle on it.

i literaly couldnt make it past the first one lol


Had a great time, albeit frustrating time lol! Hope you enjoy the video! 


great let's play, thanks for posting!


whats upworm


I downloaded the game but now it's a zip file. And I don't know how to open it. Mind helping me out?


Hi yes open or extract the zip file to play the game, or you can get and play it there, it works like Steam


go to folders right click it and it will say extract all press exstract all


it went something like this: 〰@〰ᵕ〰n〰u@〰 and it was very good


the worm


this game is so damn hard to play like im stuck on 0 meters

can you add cheats like flying?


this is so good. the statue choices fit perfectly


The worms move so realistically that it sent chills down my spine as I hate bugs, but I had a lot of fun playing! It took me a while to get the hang of the controls, and it took me a little over an hour to clear the game, but I managed to finish it. I made a video of it so you can see how happy I was!


this is a great video, thank you for playing!


smells like upworm in here


nothing much what's upworm with u

good game(:


Elite worm game 


great let's play video, thanks for sharing!

zajebibi, long worm. fun. not too simple.. hmm. real co op couch, bed coop- good worm up for the day! c;

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great video thank you for playing!

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thanks for putting the project files now I can edit the game.

you are very welcome! all you need is the Godot mono version

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strange,  but oddly addictive